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  1. Use winetricks to install all dependencies
    winetricks wmp10 d3dcompiler_43 d3dx9 xact_jun2010
  2. Using google try to find windowsmedia-kb942423-x86-intl.exe. You need this installer to install libraries so Wine can play WMV files -- based on WVC1 --. If you don't install this then you may get a black screen (just after CAPCOM logo while starting the game).Once downloaded
    wine windowsmedia-kb942423-x86-intl.exe

    Notice: installation might hang at the end. [CTRL]+|C] is your friend

Configuration file - config.ini

$WINEPREFIX/user/yourname/Local\ Settings/Application\ Data/CAPCOM/Resident\ Evil\ -\ biohazard HD\ REMASTER/config.ini

Xbox 360 controller

A quite difficult to get the same mapping as you are supposed to get in the game. So here is mine
  • Unload module xpad
    sudo rmmod xpad
  • Plug your controler
  • Here is my command
    xboxdrv --detach-kernel-driver   --buttonmap X=A,A=X --buttonmap lt=lb,lb=lt
    I guess there might be a better mapping
As I did for Dark Souls using AntiMicro a couple years ago I think Antimicro should be a better solution. I will this solution when I have more time :)