As of 2020-12-26, Wine 6.0 RC4 was released.

1. Download

Listed below are my own Wine builds for WoW64 (Windows on Windows)
Wine-Tkg Builds 6.0 RC4
AMD64 (Generic 64-Bits) wine-6.0-rc4-tkg-staging-customized-amd64.tar.xz
Intel Skylake wine-6.0-rc4-tkg-staging-customized-skylake.tar.xz

2. Expected Targets

  • Linux OS = Ubuntu 18.04/20.04, Xubuntu 20.04 or any recent Linux distribution
  • CPU = Intel greater than Core 2
  • GPU = AMD

3. The (harmless) Marie Mamiya Patch - winecfg

  • The popup you will get while launching winecfg with the Alien logo -- my gaming laptop is a Alienware.
  • "About section" in the main winecfg window, Marie Mamiya instead of the glass of wine -- I like this character.

4. Tested games/softwares

  1. Bloody Spell (Version 10.27.2020)
    • No more micro-freeze in-game while playing Chapter One
    • No more micro-freeze while accessing menu in-game
  2. Steam (Native Windows)
    • Steam Icon is now available in Notification Area (bottom right and corner on the desktop)

5. Configuration

  • Latest commit from Wine-TkG: 714f7ff75d86ae71fc722ea4a15aa45e478c9574
  • Latest commit from community-patches 05ba47148e82ad3d99af7997fec0a05f6da0f364
  • External configuration file used to generate wine sources from Wine-TkG: wine-tkg-external-6.0-rc4.cfg
  • Content of wine-tkg-config.txt is shown below
    # Last wine-tkg-staging-fsync-git configuration - dim. 27 déc. 2020 14:35:27 CET :
    External configuration file ~/wine-tkg-config/wine-tkg-external-6.0-rc4.cfg used
    Wine (plain) version: 6.0rc4.r0.ge377786a71c
    Using wine-staging patchset (version 6.0rc4.r0.g350eb136)
    Disabled the local Esync patchset to use Staging impl instead.
    Not using vkd3d native library for d3d12 translation (allows using vkd3d-proton)
    Done applying reverting hotfixes (if any) - list available in prepare.log
    use_clock_monotonic.patch -- ( Applied clock_monotonic patch )
    FS_bypass_compositor.patch -- ( Applied Fullscreen compositor bypass patch )
    mwo.patch -- ( Applied Mechwarrior Online fix )
    childwindow.patch -- ( Applied child window for vk patch )
    steam.patch -- ( Applied steam crossover hack )
    CSMT-toggle.patch -- ( Applied CSMT toggle logic patch )
    Staging overrides, if any: 
    launch-with-dedicated-gpu-desktop-entry.patch -- ( Applied launch with dedicated gpu desktop entry patch )
    assettocorsa_hud_perf.patch -- ( Applied Assetto Corsa HUD performance fix )
    mk11.patch -- ( Applied Mortal Kombat 11 fix )
    fsync-unix-staging.patch -- ( Applied fsync, an experimental replacement for esync (unix, staging) )
    server_Abort_waiting_on_a_completion_port_when_closing_it.patch -- ( Added Abort waiting on a completion port when closing it Proton patch )
    proton_mf_hacks.patch -- ( Applied proton mf hacks patch )
    nvidia-hate.patch -- ( Hatin' on novideo )
    LAA-unix-staging.patch -- ( Applied large address aware override support )
    proton-tkg-staging.patch -- ( Using Steam-specific Proton-tkg patches (staging) 2/3 )
    proton-pa-staging.patch -- ( Enable Proton's PA additions )
    proton-cpu-topology-overrides.patch -- ( Enable Proton's CPU topology override support )
    proton-winevulkan-nofshack.patch -- ( Using Proton winevulkan patches (nofshack) )
    msvcrt_nativebuiltin_mainline.patch -- ( Enforce msvcrt Dlls to native then builtin (from Proton) )
    josh-flat-theme.patch -- ( Add Josh's better-theme )
    proton-win10-default-staging.patch -- ( Enforce win10 as default wine version (staging) )
    Applied your own patch amdags.mypatch
    Applied your own patch blackops2_unhandled_exception_fix.mypatch
    Applied your own patch FinalFantasyXVHack.mypatch
    Applied your own patch gta4_gamepad_workaround.mypatch
    Applied your own patch ID3DXEffectCompiler-partial-implementation.mypatch
    Applied your own patch kernel32-implement-Windows-NT-style-GMEM_MOVEABLE-LM-no-staging.mypatch
    Applied your own patch Marie-Mamiya.mypatch
    Applied your own patch MWSE_hack.mypatch
    Applied your own patch NFSWLauncherfix.mypatch
    Applied your own patch ntdll_Map_top-down_if_dll_characteristics_include_DYNAMIC_BASE.mypatch
    Applied your own patch origin_downloads_e4ca5dbe_revert.mypatch
    Applied your own patch shell32-Move-file-SHFileOperation-allow-from-wildchar-move.mypatch
    Applied your own patch winex11-fs-no_above_state-nofshack.mypatch
    wine-tkg-staging.patch -- ( Please don't report bugs about this wine build on and use instead. )