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samedi 21 juillet 2018

Sheyna's Dance - Age Of Barbarian Game

1. Apng format (Animated PNG)

2. GIF format

Bibliography and tools

  1. Check this link first to know how to crop (using a selected region on the video) https://incenp.org/notes/2012/video-cropping.html
  2. To extract all frames from videos
    ffmpeg -i BN2.mp4 -ss 00:00:36.5 -vf crop=240:490:830:550 -f image2 -an -t 00:00:05.5 -s 120x245 tmp/image%5d.png
  3. To merge al frames to an APNG file
     apngasm -F -o Sheyna_Dance.png image00001.png 35 image00002.png 35... ... image00164.png 35 image00165.png 35

samedi 23 juin 2018

The Slaves Fortress - Youtube Videos

This is the first DLC of the game "Age Of Barbarian - Extended Cut". I played this game on my laptop while I was enjoying my holidays in Reunion Islan in May 2018.

The Slaves Fortress Part 1/3

The Slaves Fortress Part 2/3

The Slaves Fortress Part 3/3

dimanche 11 février 2018

Videos for Sheyna 3D:[Unboxing (GamePrint|DazStudio)] + [Animations] + [Wallpapers]

1. Unboxing - My own feedbacks

I was a bit disappointed by GamePrint services but time to say That bad feeling belongs the past and I should go ahead...!

I received my 3D figure on Friday 09-Feb-2018. I had to say that their artists did a great job. Order was submitted on 11-Jan-2018. Almost 3 weeks ~ 4 weeks to wait for it.

Video below deals with unboxing for my Sheyna 3D.

Figure is pretty cool. I really like it. Great jobs artists from GamePrint!

2. Some animations

BTW this ticket is the occasion to share some animations I did last year with this model
  • Daz Studio: to generate animation frame per frame
  • Ffmeg on Linux: to merge all frames

3. Wallpapers

All wallpapers can be downloaded at http://rboxeur.deviantart.com/

mercredi 7 février 2018

Daz3D GamePrint #DontOrderYour3DModelWithGamePrint

As of writing this ticket, Wednesday 07-Feb-2018, this is my own feeling with this company.
  • Back in December 2017, I was pretty impressed by feedbacks from customers I can read on the Daz3D forum or any other forum.
  • I paid for a 3D model on 11-Jan-2018.
  • I was notified by mail that the 3D model was sent to my shipping address only now.
But first let me share some real disappointments
  • 1st disappointment I requested them - through the messages services on their Web Site - That I would like to get some photos of the 3D model before it will be sent to my address. In all their replies always the same point "No worries". As of writing this message, I received message shown on image below. So go fuck yourself!!!
  • 2nd disappointment You filled a form when you want to order your 3D model. OK no problem. So what's the problem. The obvious question you have in mind is "When shall I receive it?". It's pretty easy to get the answer. Just have a look on their FAQ. At least 3 weeks! What! What! Why??? So I sent a message expressing my own rage about this. They explained to me that there is some kind of production cycle, estimated to 3 weeks. And why this information is not writtent on the first page of their Web Site, mother fuckers!!! My birthday was Monday 05-Feb-2018. Conclusion: I should receive it only a few days later. Thanks for wasting my birthday. Enjoy the money I gave you GamePrint!!!
To be honest whatever their artirsts jobs were on my 3D model -- I didn't receive it for the moment -- I am disappointed by qualities of their services. A real bullshit!!!

I spent more than 8 hours to design my 3D model through Daz Studio. Ordering a 3D money is about XX hundreds dollars. Hundred of dollars is not like buying a cake or any stupid thing in the market. This is a lot of money for me. As customer we deserve that you stay respectfull with us. That's my right to be disappointed by this company!!! Peolple may think that silly things I am speaking about.

Sorry but a printed 3D model is supposed to be a artist work! Right or No? It is supposed to be right

My guess is that even a real artist job today is supposed to be kept away for any mercantile purposes. Here the real artists are the painters. I don't have any doubt about their jobs but a real disappointment with the quality of the company they work for.